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Forest Valuation

The determination of the value of a particular forest stand may be required for a number of reasons such as sale, conversion, etc. We valuate your forest stand(s) using a method suited to the intended purpose.

The valuation of forest stands is based on the principles of the Forest Valuation Directive 2000 (WaldR 2000) of the Federal Minister of Finance and the State Directive of Forest Valuation of the State of Brandenburg (WBR Brbg 97/98) published January 01, 2000, and determines the current market value as the sum of land value and stocking value. Standard values and prices of forest sales published by the committees of land valuation experts of the respective administrative districts are used for comparison. However, these values can only be used for general guidance, because they are mixed prices of land and stocking and do not differentiate by size, species, age, or soil type.

The quality of the site (soil) and the forest stocking (stand) are the basis for forest valuation. The relevant stand parameters are generally assessed from the viewpoint of forest management planning. The existence of a valid forest management plan may therefore provide a solid basis thus facilitating forest valuation.

Particularly in vicinity to urban areas (peri-urban regions), the price level is considerably influenced by possible future forest functions, e.g., recreational use, hunting area, or conversion to developed land.