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WALDKONZEPTE was founded in 2007 as a regional network of independent forest consultants with specific professional qualifications. The establishment of this network had two primary objectives. On the one hand, the combination of individual qualifications and competences ensures a highly professional and qualified execution and completion of customer-related projects in an economically efficient and timely manner. On the other hand, we consider our working hours as valuable lifetime. The project-related teamwork provides an opportunity to work together with friends while at the same time saving some of this precious lifetime due to synergy effects and mutual support. This time can then be dedicated to our families and to social commitments. Inspired by positive experiences and supported by a coaching process, the enterprise WALDKONZEPTE PartG emerged from this network in 2010.

For us foresters the (goal-oriented) sustainability – in the sense of future development – is a fundamental criterion for all our activities, including the three pillars of economy, ecology, and social welfare. We are therefore particularly interested in long-term partnerships, aim for CO2-neutral operations, and practice solidarity in consideration of individual interests, competences, and skills. Our main principles regarding collaboration and dealings with partners and customers are confidence, transparency, and goal-oriented approaches.

Our references provide evidence of our extensive experience with respect to forest inventories and planning, the development of project-specific concepts as well as interdisciplinary projects from regional to European levels.

In the case of consultations and operational assistance for forest enterprises, our regional focus minimizes distances and guarantees uncomplicated solutions. The practical experiences of operational forest management are then integrated into concept development. At the same time, our experiences from concept development are directly returned to practical forest management. Continuous advanced training, active engagement in forestry organisations and collaboration with research institutions ensure an up-to-date state of knowledge of our consultants. For the development of solutions for highly specific tasks (e.g., fiscal law, aspects of nature conservation), we are supported by highly qualified and experienced partners.

We look forward to cooperating with you!