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Consulting of private and corporate forests

You define your silvicultural and operational objectives and we are responsible for their effective and efficient implementation. Our services range from topic-oriented consultations to comprehensive operational assistance.

Exemplary consultations:

  • Presentation of possible silvicultural options in light of the varying natural conditions and operational objectives of forest enterprises
  • Development of individualized processes aiming for cost reduction during timber harvest and other forest operations
  • Support during the acquisition and sale of forest land (potentials and risks)
  • Mediation and coordination of agreements with the forest, nature conservation, and financial authorities

Exemplary operational assistance:

  • Development of the annual operational planning including spatially explicit tending, harvesting and regeneration plans, the determination of the operating volume as well as the preliminary calculation of costs and revenues
  • Organization, administration, accounting, and controlling of individual forest operations (forest tending, harvesting, regeneration, road/infrastructure construction, forest protection, material procurement)
  • Commercialization of timber and forest by-products (non-timber products)
  • Subsidy management covering the entire process from application to implementation
  • Measures of road safety or game management

Forest tending and regeneration concepts are developed in close cooperation with you, the forest owner, and in consideration of the operational objectives and possibilities. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can choose between individual services and comprehensive service packages. Our fees are individually calculated and can be based on hours worked, timber volume or on a per-hectare flat rate.

Consultation of organizations and public authorities

Do you require professional assistance with respect to forests and forestry? Due to the specialization of our partners we can offer consultation on all subjects related to forests. As a result of our wide project portfolio we are particularly well-prepared for assisting you with respect to current issues such as forests and climate change or the conservation-compatible use of forest technology.

Consultation of enterprises and research institutions

Many projects rely on collaborations between different partners. The interface between research, development, and practical forestry is often highly sensitive, particularly with respect to communication. At the same time, this interface is crucial for the successful completion of a given project. Owing to our expertise in all three sectors – research, development, and practical forestry – we have a wealth of experience and a high degree of empathy with respect to the needs and requirements of the different project partners.