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Forest Management Planning

With inventory, planning, and controlling as its main elements, forest management planning is a sound basis for the sustainable management of your forest, particularly in combination with forest site mapping (Maps | GIS). Oriented towards your specific operational targets and in consideration of local conditions we take stock of your forest stands, critically analyse the last operational period, and develop optimised harvesting, tending, and regeneration plans.

In addition to classic forest management planning based on stand-level surveying and planning, we also offer sampling inventories and any other type of intermediate or specialty inventories, e.g., following calamities. We make use of up-to-date aerial photographs and other digital geo-data as well as GPS technology for delineation and demarcation of forest stands.

The methodological specifications and the components of forest management planning are combined based on your requirements and the tasks at hand.

We group forest management planning thematically into:

  • Initial forest management planning without advance information or data
  • Updating of outdated stand or stocking information
  • Forest management planning for fragmented private and corporate forests
  • Forest management planning for protected areas with special requirements
  • Forest management planning following catastrophes or calamities


After completion of the forest management planning procedure, you will receive a collection of tables characterizing all of your forest stands, the forest management plan, and a collection of maps (basic forest map, aerial survey map, planning map at a scale of 1:5.000). As we develop and design all maps (Maps | GIS), we can cater to your individual needs and create specialty maps (e.g., game management, forest functions, nature conservation) or combined thematic maps (e.g., aerial photograph and basic forest map). All maps can be provided to you in digital (PDF or GIS format) and in print (on paper, on canvas, weatherproof).

As an optional component of the collection of tables we offer the reconciliation of land register (local sub-district, cadastral district, and cadastral unit) and forest division (compartment, sub-compartment, stand), which may for example substantially facilitate the application for subsidies.

Naturally, we take care of all required administrative and coordinative tasks with respect to the forest, nature conservation, and financial authorities.