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Spatially explicit data on forest ecosystems and forest enterprises may be captured by various inventory methods and in consideration of a wide range of questions or issues.

We specialise in the thematic development of inventory methods and procedures, for example with respect to:

  • Forest site mapping (Maps | GIS)
  • Assessment of biomass potential
  • Habitat and biotope type inventory (FFH management plans)
  • Biotope mapping
  • Inventories related to nature conservation, e.g.,
    • Distribution of habitats or species
    • Amount and characteristics of deadwood
    • Stand structures
  • Inventory of browsing (damage)

We apply inventory methods based on point, transect, or plot sampling in combination with the assessment of stand-specific parameters. In addition to using standardised inventory methods like the site mapping according to SEA 95 we develop and apply methods and procedures adapted to specific questions and requests.