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Cartography and geo-services

Maps / Map creation

Maps and geographical information systems facilitate the management and administration of technical and spatial data, their integration into operating procedures, and their on-site use in the forest. Any visualisation of data reflects the amount of work, money, and time required to acquire the displayed substantiated data. We thus consider it highly important to design maps which are as accurate and appealing as possible.

As a part of numerous of our service packages, our internal service of map design and creation using the ESRI software ArcGIS 9.3 allows for a high degree of flexibility and adaptability with respect to your requirements and ideas.

We also offer our GIS competence as an independent service. If you are a technical expert or consultant in the land use sector, we can offer you support regarding the cartographical presentation of your results, including all service levels from simple digitalisation to the determination of spatial dimensions to an entire map collection.

Spatial data

On your behalf, we additionally undertake the acquisition of spatial data in digital format or on paper, e.g., of aerial photographs, topographical maps, land register maps, or excerpts from land survey registers.


Our inventory methods are largely supported by GPS. We are happy to share our expertise regarding within-forest navigation with you and to assemble individualised systems composed of satellite receivers, notebooks/PDAs, and spatial data suitable for addressing your needs.