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Specialist translations

Professional specialist translations – delicately balancing language and content

Every text can be translated, but not its diction, unless it is recreated in the other language, which entails the danger of not being considered a translation. This is where translation and poetry meet: the two sides of language shine through, one from within (poetry), and the other from outside (translation).

Jean Arthur Goldschmidt
„Der Stoff des Schreibens“

A comprehensive understanding of the content of the original documents is the prerequisite for good translations. In addition to excellent language skills in general, expert knowledge of the subject and the professional terminology is therefore required. In consequence, the translator has to satisfy high professional demands, either by having a thorough knowledge of the subject or – ideally – by being an expert in the respective sector.

Apart from the continuous communication between us as the translator and you as the client, a comprehensive investigation of your subject is an integral part of each translation job. We also appreciate the nomination of an expert who is familiar with your requirements and standards, helping us provide you with a translated text that matches the original document in quality.

Document types

  • Manuscripts to be published in international scientific journals
  • Scientific or technical project reports or applications
  • Multimedia-based presentations
  • Websites
  • Flyers and other promotional literature
  • General correspondence
  • Etc.


  • Forestry (e.g., Silviculture, forest economics, etc.)
  • Forest management (e.g., management plans, etc.)
  • Soil science and site ecology
  • Carbon cycling and climate change
  • Agriculture and land use
  • Environmental protection and nature conservation
  • Etc.