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M.Sc. forestry
Christian Stuhlmann

  • Born in 1978 in Belzig, Germany 
  • Married since 2003 
  • Resident of Brück, located in the eastern Fläming region near Belzig.

Background in forestry:

  • 1999 to 2005 Study of Forest Sciences in Tharandt, Germany 
  • Since 2003 Consulting and operational assistance of private forest enterprises 
  • Since 2005 Independent Forest Consultant 
  • 2005 to 2008 Project Manager and Research Associate within European and national research projects at the Dresden University of Technology and the Erfurt University of Applied Sciences 
  • 2007 Co-founder of the forest consultant network WALDKONZEPTE 
  • 2010 Partner of the WALDKONZEPTE PartG


As a forester, I am interested in promoting the understanding of holistic processes related to the protection and management of forest ecosystems and the consideration of these processes during the solution of current issues. As a native inhabitant of Brandenburg, I feel connected to this region. The north-eastern German region and its people have a chance for sustainable development, which I want to shape with my ideas and my work.


Concept development, process optimisation in round timber logistics, forest management planning and inventories, consulting